Is Botox good?

Is Botox good?

Is Botox good?


Fine feathers make fine birds. We all know that. Especially in the 21st century. People strongly care about how they look. It’s good, because everyone like to look good. But sometimes we care about it too much and we start thinking that we’re ugly. We do whatever it takes to improve our beauty. Even though we look totally normal, but sometimes we cannot understand it. A lot of people decide to inject Botox Brighton into their faces to remove wrinkles and become more beautiful. Is it dangerous? Does this remove wrinkles? Do actors have Botox? Let’s see…


What is Botox?


Botox is a neurotoxin that we inject by a needle into our faces. It prevents wrinkles from developing and makes our face look smooth. How? Botox brighton paralyzes muscles and then it seems that all wrinkles disappeared. Botox is one of the most popular substances for aesthetic treatments. A lot of people use it to look prettier.


Does this remove wrinkles?


Botox is not Jesus. It does not work miracles. Wrinkles are normal. All of us get older and older. We have to accept it. However, some people don’t want do accept the truth and they want to hide everything that makes them look older. That’s why they do botox treatments so often. Botox doesn’t remove wrinkles. It only hides them. Sad but true. Botox prevents wrinkles from developing and that’s all. No miracles.


Is it permanent?


No. It’s not. Botox disappears after (approximately) 4 months. Then we have to repeat the treatment if we want to keep the effect. It’s pretty good when people don’t know if they really want botox and they don’t know if they’ll look good with it. After 4 months it disappears and we can forget about it (of course, if we regret our decision about treatment).


Do actors have Botox?


Of course! Maybe not all of them, but many older actors and actresses had Botox brighton treatment. Some of them repeats the injections almost all the time and some of them said that they will never do it again. They are just humans. They get older too.


Is it dangerous?


Well, botox is the most poisonous substance known to man. 1 gram could kill 1 million people. Pretty impressive. 2 kilograms of it would kill whole humandkind. Of course, it won’t kill you, if you choose professional doctor. We can’t forget that our safety is the most important thing and that’s why you should not do it at a SPA or beauty salon, because empleyees there are not educated and skilled enough. Better find the best possible doctor in your area. Sometimes it means “the most expensive one”.


Botox is natural and we should not be afraid of it. A lot of people have Botox brighton and many of them are very happy. It all depends on us and the doctor. If the injection was done right, there shouldn’t be any problems with it.